How to recover deleted files, images, videos and documents on Mac OS X

Today I’m going to rewiew few apps that recovers lost data. There are about 10 applications that make this function, but only three of them are simple, functional and worth considering.

About data recovery software

There are important things that you should remember about this software:

  • All soft that has GUI and can recover data are paid. This is а fact. Prices may vary from tens to hundreds of dollars.
  • Data recovers differently. Some apps work excelent and recover files without any damage others have some problems. I reccomend to read forums and rewiews before buying.
  • Data recovery is performed successfully in 90% cases. The exception is images, but the best apps manage this type of files successfully.
  • The majority of apps has function of file recovery from the Recycle Bin. But not all of them. If you need this exact function test demo first. The same about the function of total system backup.
  • The type of soft depends on value of lost files. You can use demo if your lost file is less than 5mb or you can buy an app in case you need more.
  • I’m not going to recommend hacked soft, mostly they are unsafe and require administrator password to start working. So there is a question of trust to the services

List of soft that recover data on Mac OS X

I made this list of apps relying only on user’s reviews on forums and Therefore, do not criticize strictly and suggest your soft that helps you to recover data.

Disk Drill (89$ PRO version)

Mac data recovery with Disk Drill
Disk Drill is the most popular and well-known soft which has a number of functions from developers.
In fact it is the whole station of data recovery for Mac OS X. It is easy and the price is good. You can download free version at this link.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery (99$ PRO version)

how to restore lost data on Mac
This soft is also very qualitative. Besides, developer promise quality assurance in the form of money back in 30 days. It has similar functionality as Disk Drill except for a few useful features (link).
restore lost data on Apple Macbook

FileSalvage (89$ PRO version)

This soft is one more option for solving the problem presented for users. Worth to note that this soft has very skimpy functional in comparison with others. It has old interface which looks like something created for OS X 10.6. It’s good only if you didn’t like previous two apps.
So I got this short list of apps. In fact there are a many different apps but only these get positive rewiews (wiki link).

Perhaps, the free soft should be mentioned too. Why am I doing this in the and of my rewiew? Because it won’t suit everyone. I’m talking about TestDisk. There is no GUI and you should know exactly what are you doing while working with this soft. (It’s recommended only for advanced users). To be honest I didn’t get it and was afraid to break something. Mac users with experince surely know about this soft and use it successfully. But I’m not one of them

There how it was: I read forums, collected information about apps, checked demo versions and made couple sreens. I would like to make more but you may be bored to read so many text. That’s why I decided to make a few more rewiews dedicated to the functionlal of these apps.

Do not delete files you needed, do not clean somebody’s Recycle Bin, and other bad things. Do backups regulary, use Time Machine. For those who doesn’t like Time Machine in some reasons there are many alternatives. Sure you need to search for them and pay for them, but they allow you to be confident about safity of your files.

P.S. If all of a sudden …

…You dropped your Macbook and the disc can not be read, you can do two things

  1. Say good bye to your disc and buy a new one
  2. Take it to the specialists which can disassemble it and recover your data

There is no other way to get your data back. Apps can not recover data from broken or damaged devices.

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